Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cancellation option after they accept the order, but they can call support for any problems that occurred. There is a “HELP” button on the dashboard.
Faver will send warnings/notifications to their accounts. And if the delivery people disappear the second time, Faver will remove the user from being a delivery person on the application. For the loss for the ordering person, Faver will cover it by offering a refund.
When the order is placed, restaurants should let the delivery person know the time when the food is ready by using the functions of Faver products. Delivery people can report a delay to Faver when the restaurants prepare the food over time.
There is no cancellation option after they accept the order, but they can call support for any problems that occurred, for example, the food is picked up by someone else.
After trying to get in touch with the ordering person but failed, the delivery person can call Faver support team and take the food and leave. The loss will be on the ordering person.
Ordering people could report it to Faver support team and get a refund. If the delivery person made a reasonable effort to contact the order person after arriving at the delivery address, then the ordering person may not be eligible for a refund.
After 10-15 minutes waiting for the delivery person picking up the order, the application will send a notification to the users saying that there are no available delivery people at this time, and do you still want to wait or cancel the order? If the order person chooses to cancel it, Faver will refund to the ordering people.
Right after the order is placed and they can cancel before the restaurant accepts the order.
Faver uses the functions of the Google Maps to calculate the walking time and it would be shown on the application. For the preparation time of the food, it is provided by the restaurants. Only the standardized food items display on the menu on Faver application and the preparation time for the exact food should be less than 10 minutes. Faver wants to ensure that the preparation time is short. And this is also one of the differences which distinguish Faver from other online delivery platforms (which provide decent meals for users to enjoy with family and multiple people). Faver is focusing on providing food for individual who are busy on the campus